2024 Explorers Sessions:

●Session 1 (6/24-6/28): Naturalist Challenge: Do you love nature? Interested in being a naturalist? Here’s your chance to learn how to identify plants and animals found in the Sanctuary’s diverse habitats. As a group we will explore the field, forest, beach, ridges, and more in search of any and all of the diverse creatures found at NBS.

● Session 2* (7/1-7/5): Time Machine: Take a step back in time with us this week. We will be learning all about what happened on our land before we were NBS. We will learn about how Native Americans lived in what is now Rhode Island, animals that have been here, and more. *No camp held on Thursday, July 4th, 2024.

● Session 3 (7/8-7/12): The Blue Planet: Get your feet wet! This action packed week will include pond and coastal exploration as we focus on the earth’s water supply and the fascinating underwater world around NBS.

● Session 4 (7/15-7/19): Wild about Insects: What makes an insect an insect? From Butterflies to Beetles, insects come in all shapes and sizes and are found in every habitat at NBS. Learn all about the world’s most abundant animal group through playing games, searching for insects around NBS, and doing experiments.

● Session 5 (7/22-7/26): Night Owls: During this action packed week we’ll learn all about nocturnal animals and their adaptations. Take an in-depth look at how they are able to find food and avoid being eaten in a world of darkness. We’ll complete our camp week by also going on hikes, playing games, and conducting experiments.

● Session 6 (7/29-8/2): Living Green: Go GREEN this week as we explore the ins and outs of sustainable living such as organic gardening, composting, reducing your waste, green technology and more! We will explore NBS’ Good Gardens, conduct experiments, and explore the Sanctuary’s trails.

● Session 7 (8/5-8/9): Nature’s Super-Sleuths: Put on your detective hats! This week we will solve mysteries by learning how to identify animal tracks, signs, and calls. This week we will explore the trails in search of the different types of animal signs while seeing what we can learn about who calls NBS home. Traditional camp activities such as crafts, games, experiments and hikes will all be part of the fun!

● Session 8 (8/12-8/16): Lost in the Wild: This week we will put our survival skills to test. You will learn how to use a compass, build outdoor structures, learn what plants are edible or poisonous, and more. Team building, hiking, and experiments are all part of the fun!

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