2024 Coastal Camp Sessions

  • Session 1 (6/24-6/28): Shell-abration! (Grades 2-3): This week we will celebrate all of the shelled creatures that live at the beach–a whole week dedicated to searching out and learning about crabs, lobsters, shrimp, and barnacles! Learn what makes a crustacean a crustacean while exploring Crab Town at Third Beach, keeping an eye out for these incredible invertebrates.

  • Session 2* (7/1-7/5): Life on the Edge: (Grades 2-3): This week we will explore the various ecosystems found near the beach. The dunes and marshes found around the Coastal Education Center at Third Beach are excellent places to look for shy and secretive animals. We will take some time to observe and learn about these unique creatures.*No camp held on Thursday, July 4th, 2024.

  • Session 3 (7/8-7/12): Tide Pools to Trenches (Grades 4-6): This week we will explore the animals that live in different marine habitats, from the shallowest tide pools to the deepest ocean trenches. Hands on sampling at Crab Town and Third Beach will accompany classroom activities, crafts, games, and more!

  • Session 4 (7/15-7/19): Ponds, Pools, and Pelagics (Grades 2-3): In this exciting week of camp we will focus our attention on animals that live in the different aquatic habitats around NBS. We will analyze species diversity, conduct experiments, and more!

  • Session 5 (7/22-7/26): Perfect Predators (Grades 4-6): From birds to sharks, a variety of animals hunt for food in the world’s oceans. In this week of camp we will explore different marine predators and their adaptations for finding and catching their prey.

  • Session 6 (7/29-8/2): From Land to Sea (Grades 4-6): During this action packed week we will take a closer look the connection between the land and the ocean. Each day will focus on a different aquatic or coastal habitat found on NBS’ property. We’ll also include games, crafts, hikes and much more!

  • Session 7 (8/5-8/9): Making a Splash (Grades 2-3 AND Grades 7-8): Have you ever wondered how you can help the oceans? This week we will learn about ocean conservation, climate change, how it is affecting our oceans and what we can do to help. Traditional camp activities such as experiments, crafts, exploration and games will all be part of the fun!

  • Session 8 (8/12-8/16): Fish Frenzy (Grades 2-3): This week is all about scales and tails as we dive into the wild world of fish. We will use nets and other tools to sample the waters in search of local fish, documenting the species that are swimming offshore at NBS!

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