2024 Nature Day Sessions:

  • Session 1 (6/24-6/28): Water Worlds: There are lots of watery habitats at NBS. This week we travel from land to sea in search of animals that live in and around our puddles and ponds. Each day we will use crafts, songs, and games to learn why water is so special.
  • Session 2* (7/1-7/5): Cold Blooded Critters: Reptiles and Amphibians inhabit every corner of NBS. Join us in learning what makes these cold blooded animals unique as we explore the trails in search of living examples. *No camp held on Thursday, July 4th, 2024.
  • Session 3 (7/8-7/12): Exploring Ecosystems: This week we will learn about the living and nonliving things that make up NBS! Find out how animals interact with their surroundings and each other all while hiking the trails, playing games, and making crafts.
  • Session 4 (7/15-7/19): Cool Colors & Camouflage: Explore colors and patterns of animals and see how they can help animals survive. Camouflage is not always about color; sometimes it’s about patterns.
  • Session 5 (7/22-7/26): Wings & Things: This week we explore life in the air and the animals that are adapted to fly. Games, songs, and crafts will help us learn about birds, insects, and mammals.
  • Session 6 (7/29-8/2): Need to Feed: Do all animals eat the same type of food? This week we will learn about the different types of food animals eat and how the animals have adapted to eat it.
  • Session 7 (8/5-8/9): Spineless Species: Hit the trails with us as we dive into the world of invertebrates. This week we study bugs, Jellies, crabs, and clams with plenty of crafts and games along the way.
  • Session 8 (8/12-8/16): Buggin’ Out: This week, we’ll break out our bug nets and search in fields, under logs and even in the pond for bugs of all kinds. Games, songs and crafts are all part of the fun.

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