2024 Fledglings Sessions

  • Session 1 (6/24-6/28): Growing Up at NBS: This week is all about growing up! We’ll learn about how caterpillars become butterflies, tadpoles become frogs, and even how tiny seeds grow into giant trees.
  • Session 2* (7/1-7/5): Tiny Territories: This week we will focus on the smallest habitats at NBS. Join us as we explore the forests, fields, and ponds of NBS in search of the smallest inhabitants. Crafts, stories, and songs are all part of the fun. *No camp held on Thursday, July 4th, 2024.
  • Session 3 (7/8-7/12): What’s On the Menu?: Do all animals eat the same type of food? This week we will learn about the different types of food that different animals eat and how those animals have adapted to eat it.
  • Session 4 (7/15-7/19): Pollination Station: Whether it’s a field full of flowers or a garden where we grow our food, a lot of things in nature depend on pollinators. In this exciting week of camp we will use games and songs to learn why nature’s workforce is so important to plants, animals, and us!
  • Session 5 (7/22-7/26): Habitat Hunters: At NBS, we have many different habitats or places for animals to live. Each day we will investigate a different habitat looking for animals that call NBS home. To help us figure out where each animal lives, we will sing songs, play games, make crafts, and read stories.
  • Session 6 (7/29-8/2): Sky High: Don’t forget to look up! This week we will learn all about the animals who have taken to the air. Expect games, crafts and songs to all be part of the fun.
  • Session 7 (8/5-8/9): Blending In & Standing Out: This week is all about animal colors and patterns. Learn all about the importance of color as we look at feathers, insects, plants and plant dyes, trees, leaves, and camouflage. Lots of crafts and games will help us learn how some animals blend in while others stand out.
  • Session 8 (8/12-8/16): Under the Sea: Dive in as we discover the amazing world found underneath the waves. Spend the week learning about sea creatures and their habitats while playing games, and singing songs. Please note this week of camp takes place at our main campus*

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