A chapter of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s NestWatch project, our annual Nesting Box Program involves the installation and monitoring of hundreds of bird boxes in our North and South Fields.

Support birds by adopting a box

Aster ($25)

Benefits Include: 

  • Assigned box
  • 3 unique updates with your bird box data
  • Personalized certificate of adoption
Adopt an Aster Box

Goldenrod ($50)

Benefits Include: 

  • All previous benefits
  • Private bird box tour and guided walk (up to 4 people)
  • A one time 20% gift certificate to the NBS Barn Owl Gift Shop
Adopt a Goldenrod Box

Milkweed ($150)

Benefits Include: 

Adopt a Milkweed Box

Why adopt one of our boxes?

Open space is rapidly disappearing across the globe and with it, critical habitat for our avian friends. Providing nesting boxes in a safe environment actively supports birds that are beneficial to our local ecosystem. Each year, staff and volunteers monitor every box, tracking trends in the reproductive biology of birds, including when nesting occurs, the number of eggs laid, how many of those eggs hatch, and how many hatchlings survive. The results not only contribute to broader studies conducted by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology but offer us valuable information on the health of our local habitats and ecosystems.

Each year, you can support this program and get involved by adopting a bird box and watch as birds make a home in your very own nest box from fledgling to their departing flight in the fall. 

Who lives in our bird boxes?