Our program series structure creates an environment suited for team building as returning students can build on previous connections and lessons. Through our themed, age-appropriate programs, we hope to inspire an interest in the natural world for students who cannot visit our sanctuary.


Explore our Current Program Offerings Below:

Artifacts, Authors, and Animal Art:
Each week, students will dive into a storybook, inspect biofacts, and complete an animal craft based on the weekly theme. Please choose one of the following animal themes for your program: Birds, Mammals, Reptiles, Amphibians, Insects.

Feathered Friends:
Birds are everywhere, but what makes a bird a bird? Students will explore how bird bodies are specially adapted to be able to lay eggs, weave nests, grow feathers, and even fly! We’ll work together to identify some local flyers by sight and sound.

What is pollination, and how does this process impact the surrounding environment? Explore the world of bees, butterflies, and birds as we discover why pollination is essential to all natural life.

Nature Detectives:
I spy with my little eye a sign of animal life! In this program, we’ll explore how to read the natural world as students will become familiar with some of the hidden signs of life in nature, from animal tracks to shelters, abilities, and even migratory behaviors.

Urban Wildlife:
This program focuses on the wildlife all around us. Each week will focus on a different group of animals found around our homes and school, such as raccoons, foxes, or coyotes. We will also learn how these animals can find the resources they need to live among us as well as how they interact with each other in the environment.

*Don’t see a program that interests you? Ask about a customized after school program series focused on seasonal changes and access to your schoolyard or a local park.

*Schools and groups must set a minimum of 4 program dates within the after school program series structure.