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Excerpt from the Journaling Bench

Enjoy this excerpt from the community journal at the Journaling Bench overlooking Shady Glade Trail. Consider taking your own hike to the Journaling Bench sometime soon. It's a beautiful spot to stop and reflect as we transition into spring!

It is easy to look at the world around you and feel a sense of helplessness.
Some days it feels like everything goes wrong despite our best efforts to keep our heads above the water.
Then you stumble upon something as simple as this bench, surrounded by trees.
Hearing nothing but the whispers of the wind and chatter of birds.
And suddenly, it all stops.
The running to-do lists in your mind, the city sirens, the rush to make events and appointments.
There is no agenda here. So simple yet so true.
No expectations, just the art of existing.
The hidden-in-plain-sight art of existing.

To find your quiet mind in a loud and overstimulating reality is an everyday practice.
We owe it to ourselves.
Don’t forget to thank all the things that opened your awareness.
The trees, grass, wind, birds, sun, flowers.
It’s always there.
It’s always there.