If These Artworks Could Talk: Glimpses into the History of Bird Art, its Artists and Collectors
Join us for the fourth installment of our 75th Anniversary Lecture Series, Sightlines, with Amy Montague, Former Director of the Museum of American Bird Art.
Amy will discuss some of the treasured artworks from Mass Audubon’s collection at the Museum of American Bird Art, explore bird art spanning several centuries, and hear the stories of people connected with its creation and preservation. Why was it made? What does it tell us about the relationship of humans to birds? Whose passion for it ensured that it was preserved?

Amy Montague served as the Executive Director of Massachusetts Audubon’s Museum of American Bird Art for over thirty years. As MABA’s Former Director, Amy managed the world’s only collection dedicated solely to American art inspired by birds–a collection which ranges from John James Audubon engravings to Andy Warhol pop art prints–and educated the public on a centuries’-old story of changing relationships between humans and the natural world.

Amy Montague’s lecture is generously supported by Mr. John Grosvenor & Ms. Cheryl Hackett.

Thanks to our generous Sightlines sponsors!