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Staff Spotlight: Ireland Boyden

Get to know Welcome Center Receptionist, Ireland Boyden.

What is your favorite part of working at the Front Desk?
My favorite part of working at the Front Desk is the positive interactions I have with every person. Whether it be a staff member, volunteer, visitor, NBS member, or board member, the small snippets of my day where I get to share a laugh or a conversation with someone are very special to me. Also, being able to work for such an incredible organization and educating and orienting visitors with the amazing property is a plus.

What is your favorite place on campus to recommend to visitors?
Ooh this is a tricky question. Depending on people’s comfort level, I love putting an emphasis on the amazing views of the ridge trails (Hanging Rock, Nelson Pond, and Red Fox). For something a little easier going, I love recommending the Quarry Trail or even just enjoying a leisurely stroll to the Red Maple Pond and back. The views are gorgeous from anywhere on the trails.

What upcoming program or event at NBS are you most excited about?
Seeing as it is our 75th anniversary this year, I am most excited to attend the Sightlines Lecture Series that is taking place every month through May, with a brief hiatus in the summer, picking back up in September. These enlightening lectures will delve into the heart of NBS and our founder, Mabel Norman Cerio, with topics including art, culture, ornithology, and conservation. I am definitely looking forward to learning more about the topics that fueled Mabel’s passions. Also, these events have a virtual option which is great for accessibility if someone cannot physically come to the lectures!
Besides the lectures, I am definitely aiming to get out for the Shorebird Stroll walks taking place on Saturday mornings until March. These will be at Third Beach in Middletown, right down the road from NBS. I love going to the beach, so being able to learn about the little critters that frequent the area will be an added bonus! This is also a free program, so all are welcome to join.

Describe your perfect weekend.
My perfect weekend would be getting out in nature, spending some time curled up with a good book, engaging in one of my creative hobbies (painting, illustrating, or drawing), and soaking up precious moments with my boyfriend, my family, and my sweet pup.

If you had to describe your dog, Beau, in three words, what would they be?

It’s hard to narrow Beau’s personality down to three words, but if I had to, they would be: loving, happy, and dopey. He has so much love to give and he has no trouble expressing it (whether that be a paw to the face or being smushed by his 105-pound body). Beau is also the ultimate dopey dog. I like to joke that his brain is just full of sunshine and rainbows and his 2 brain cells bouncing around. He makes hilarious faces and gestures and he frequently gets lost in daydreams. But he also is the happiest dog I’ve ever met; he loves to be around people and to be outside, and sometimes I will catch him just taking in all the beauty around him as the breeze ruffles his ears.