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Make Puddingstone at Home

Summer is in full swing at the Norman Bird Sanctuary. Celebrate the season with one of our favorite summer camp traditions, Puddingstone! We invite you to try out the recipe below and come explore puddingstone at NBS this summer.

Each week, NBS Summer Campers will expect to make our traditional camp snack. Since the beginning of the summer camp program, Puddingstone has been an iconic and delicious ode to the unique geology found at the Sanctuary. Teacher Naturalists use the recipe as an opportunity to teach about the history and process of erosion along Hanging Rock ridge.

2 boxes of vanilla pudding (chocolate has been used, but vanilla is camp tradition!)
1-bax of mixed chocolate chips and mini marshmallows
4 cups milk (check the pudding instructions)

*Non-dairy milk available for groups with dietary restrictions

Campers add ingredients as the counselor talks.  The pudding powder goes into the bowl first, and campers imagine that this is a mountain that was formed a very long time ago.  Next, the milk “erodes” the mountains.  Chocolate chips and marshmallows are added in turns, representing the cobble in the puddingstone.  Stirring for 3ish minutes represents the time it takes to lithify the stone. Enjoy!

Have a recipe from your time at Bird Camp that you’d like to share with us? Reach out to aturner@normanbirdsanctuary.org to contribute to our 75th anniversary archive.