Bringing Back Biodiversity: Stories of Conservation Farming
Join us for the sixth installment of our 75th Anniversary Lecture Series, Sightlines, with Dr. Amy Johnson, Program Director and Conservation Biologist at Smithsonian’s National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute.
Dr. Johnson integrates citizen science to help conduct ecological research on more than 80,000 acres of private lands in Northern Virginia through Smithsonian’s Virginia Working Landscapes program. Her current research focuses on exploring the responses of grassland bird communities to native grassland restoration and regenerative grazing. Join Dr. Johnson to learn more about establishing and managing native grasslands, tracking the migratory connectivity of declining grassland birds, and understanding motivations behind conservation behaviors on private lands.

Dr. Amy Johnson is a Conservation Biologist and Program Director of Smithsonian’s Virginia Working Landscapes (VWL). In this role, Johnson leads a team that cultivates a dynamic network of private landowners, citizen scientists, NGO’s, state agencies and scientists to collectively investigate the impacts of conservation management and land use on biodiversity.

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