Welcoming Spring Schedule 2024:

Monday, April 15th
Feathered Friends
It’s a bird party! Today, we’ll welcome in the winged world and discover who’s returning home to Aquidneck Island and who never left! Hiking, games, an animal presentation, and a museum tour will all be a part of the fun!

Tuesday, April 16th 
To Bloom or Not to Bloom 
That is the question that only spring decides! Your camper will investigate the effects of warmer weather and longer days on wildlife outside of just animals and insects! Campers will take a deeper look at life on the trails and in the gardens. Enjoy some natural crafting, identification games, compost discovery, and much more!

Wednesday, April 17th 
April Showers 
They say that April showers bring May flowers… But what else does water do for the spring season? Campers will dive headfirst into the wet season with weather experiments, water-arts, and some aquatic ecology exploration!

Thursday, April 18th 
Down by the Seashore
Today we’ll take a stroll by the seaside, imagining how the ocean waters have changed since winter! Scavenger hunts in hand, we’ll explore for signs of spring on the shore, from invertebrates to seashells, birds, and the water itself!

Friday, April 19th 
A Small-Scale Spring 
Searching for the smallest signs of life, campers will learn what it means to be an insect in the spring while playing pollination games,  using field tools to capture insects, and creating their very own insect habitats for sanctuary residents!

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