Our Wish List

Our Wish List

We appreciate all contributions! Your donation helps us to provide quality environmental education programs for

families, children, and adults. All donations are tax-deductible.

Children’s Rain Jackets/ponchos
Boy/Girl Scout Badge books

Student Camera

Children’s Sweatshirts (*New*)

Vacuum (new or gently used)
Leaf rakes

Garden Tools
Garden/Work Gloves (*New*)
Children’s Nature Books
Arts and craft supplies (*New*)
Handheld GPS
Night vision binoculars
Dissection tools

Items needed for our Barn Museum renovation

Exciting News! The Norman Bird Sanctuary staff is beginning a redesign of the historic Barn Museum and could use help gathering supplies and expertise for new exhibits. Any ideas, suggestions, materials or resources you may have that could help us to improve our currentnature and educational exhibits would be greatly appreciated. Here are some materials we could use:

Beekeeping equipment (suits, tongs, honeycomb and panels)
Material for exhibit construction: Masonite, plexi-glass, foam core, balsawood, palette/composite board, matboard, image framing materials, etc.
Wooden stands or pedestals
Animal mounts – local bird species, local mammals, insects, plants, fish
Animal biofacts – deer antlers, seal pelt, skulls, bones, etc.
Native American/Colonial artifacts – tools, clothing, woven rugs/fabrics
Geological specimens
Telescope/viewing scope
Large magnets
Hand-held magnifying lenses
Mat board cutter
Plexi-glass cutter

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