Paradise Farmhouse

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The Paradise Farmhouse embraces the history and diversity of Mabel’s land to create a unique venue for ecotourism programs, while keeping with her vision. It is our hope to share this magnificent resource with urban youth groups, ornithologists, environmentalists, health & wellness groups, artists and people from around the world who are interested in exploring her property.

The 6,000 square foot structure has six bedrooms (each with private bath) and provides overnight accommodation, common meeting spaces and public rooms for guests participating in multi-day programs and conferences at the Norman Bird Sanctuary. The sustainable design is based on the existing footprint of the structure and strikes a balance between preserving the building’s historical significance with up-to-date function and comfort. The restoration of the Paradise Farmhouse is an exciting opportunity to share the beautiful, natural resources of our wildlife refuge and surrounding areas with new visitors and learners. Beyond windows and walls this project represents the vision of the Norman Bird Sanctuary to educate and inspire.

For more information or to schedule a tour, contact Jeannie Santos, Site Rentals & Guest Services Manager at: or (401) 846-2577 ext. 18

Package your stay with Naturalist Guided Hikes and a Bird-watching Eco-tour

Bird-watching travelers and wildlife enthusiasts now have the exclusive option to book the NBS Education Team to lead guided hikes through the seven miles of trails on NBS’ 325-acre property. Just let the Education Team know how long you’d like to spend on the trails and they will plan a hike to the best places to find birds and other wildlife at NBS. Don’t miss the breathtaking views from one of our two rocky ridge trails overlooking the ocean.

For passionate birders and Farmhouse visitors looking to see more of Rhode Island, the NBS Education Team is now offering customized Eco-Tours to explore the best seasonal locations to find rare birds and interesting wildlife. For the smallest state, Rhode Island is an impressive hub for birding. The Education team will tailor the itinerary to group goals, whether that be a high species count, a specific rare bird, or just to explore the scenic coasts of Rhode Island.  Common hotspots include Trustom Pond National Wildlife Refuge, Napatree Point, and Beavertail State Park.

Paradise Farmhouse Bedroom Norman Bird Sanctuary

Paradise Farmhouse norman bird sanctuary


Paradise Farmhouse Twin Bedroom Norman Bird Sanctuary

Paradise Farmhouse Bathroom Norman Bird Sanctuary

Paradise Farmhouse Dining Room Norman Bird Sanctuary

The dining room can fit up to 14 people, and the overflow dining area can fit another 6.


Norman Bird Sanctuary