After School Programs

NBS’s selection of after school program series provide a way for students to actively participate in nature-based crafts, games, stories, and animal presentations. Seeing the same students each week creates a structured environment of team building after the school day is done.  Through our themed, age-appropriate programs, we hope to cultivate an interest in the natural world in our students.

After School Programs are offered in weekly 1 hour sessions. Each class can accommodate a minimum of 7 students to a maximum of 12 students, Grades K-5. Program sessions can be offered for 4-7 weeks, and can be taught to children of a single or two consecutive grade levels (i.e. K-1, 3-4).

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Program Themes

Animals, Authors, Art—Each week, students will delve into a story book, meet a live animal, and complete a take-home craft based on that week’s theme. Animal topics include mammals, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, and birds.

Feathered Friends—Meet one of the friendly NBS chickens, learn what makes a bird a bird, study the science of flight, migration, and more. Weekly themes include bird biology, beaks & feet, eggs, feathers, nests, and birds of prey.

Geology Rocks—Find out just how much geology rocks through this interactive program series. We will use microscopes to examine different types of rocks, use multimedia to learn about earth processes, and talk about natural disasters. Recommended for older elementary students.

Native Ways—Join us on a cultural journey back in time as we examine what life was like for the Native Americans who inhabited Aquidneck Island hundreds of years ago. Weekly themes include legends and folklore, traditional crafts and games, interactions with wildlife, life through the seasons, plants and their uses, and native homes.

Nature Detectives—Students will become scientific sleuths in this exciting after school program, as they work to solve a new “mystery” each week. Weekly themes include an introduction to habitats, birds, tracks, animal signs, scents, hibernation/migration, insects, and more.

Pollinators—Did you know that we need pollinators to grow most of the food we eat? Discover the world of flowers, pollen, and the animals involved in this natural process. Weekly themes include bees and other insects, mammals, birds, flowers & fruit, colors, and pollinators & people.

The Untouchables—Get to know nature’s slimiest, scaliest, and most misunderstood creatures in this exciting program series. You won’t want to miss out on the fun as we meet some of NBS’ animal ambassadors and learn why each of these animals is an important part of its native ecosystem. Weekly themes include rats, horseshoe crabs, snakes, bats, sharks, insects, and worms.

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