Fledglings and Chickadees


Session 1: June 25-29       Session 2: July 2-6 *Includes July 4th
Session 3: July 9-13          Session 4: July 16-20
Session 5: July 23-27       Session 6: July 30-Aug 3
Session 7: August 6-10     Session 8: August 13-17 

FLEDGLINGS:  Ages 3.5- 5 years old; Monday-Friday, 8:45- 1:00 P.M.; $185 for members & $210 for non members
CHICKADEES: Ages 4-6; Monday-Friday; 8:45- 3:00 P.M.; $245 for members & $270 for non members

NOTE: Family membership must be valid through August of 2018 in order to receive the member discount please call 401-846-2577 if you have a question about membership. 

In our Fledglings and Chickadees program, campers will make new friends, explore the Sanctuary’s trails, beach and tide pools, meet education animals, listen to stories, play with puppets, create crafts, and sing songs. Our half day Fledglings program is a perfect introduction to camp for your young learner. Fledglings will now include a supervised lunch time and a few fun afternoon activities. Our Chickadees camp program is now extended until 3:00 p.m. With smaller camp groups and built in quiet time, this program is a great introduction to a whole day camp program for your young child. Both programs are limited to 12 campers per session. In order to ensure our campers have the best possible experience, all campers must be able communicate verbally and be fully toilet trained.

Session 1: Tiny Territories: This week we will focus on the smallest habitats at NBS. Join us as we explore the forests, fields, and ponds of NBS in search of the smallest inhabitants. Crafts, stories, and songs are all part of the fun. Chickadees is full, only 3 spaces left in Fledglings!

Session 2: Animals in Motion: How do animals get around? This week we will learn the different ways animals get from one place to another. Get ready to hop like a rabbit, walk like a deer, and jump like a frog. Only 2 spaces left in Chickadees!

Session 3: Growing Up at NBS: This week is all about growing up! We’ll learn all about how caterpillars become butterflies, tadpoles become frogs and even how tiny seeds grow into giant trees. Only 3 spaces left in Chickadees!

Session 4: Blending In & Standing Out: This week is all about animal colors and patterns. Lots of crafts and games will help us learn how some animals blend in while others stand out. Only 3 spaces left in Chickadees!

Session 5: Built to Survive: Animals have lots of adaptations that help them survive out in the wild. Predators must find prey and prey must avoid being eaten, join us as we play games, sing songs, and make crafts that teach us about animal adaptations. Only 2 spaces left in Chickadees!

Session 6: Animal Abodes: In this week of camp we will explore the places where animals live. Hit the trails as we search for animal homes throughout NBS’s habitats all while playing games and singing songs.

Session 7: Animals, Authors and Art: Stories are a great way to learn about nature and each day this week we will dive into a different story about animals. We will also have a chance to meet some of the NBS animal ambassadors up close! Chickadees is full, still space available in Fledglings!

Session 8: Forest Friends: In this week of camp we head into the woods and learn more about NBS Forest habitats. Crafts, hikes, and stories are all part of the fun! Chickadees is full, still space available in Fledglings!


Camp Registration (Registration opens Thursday February 1st at 10:00 am)

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Camp Director, Matt Schenck, at mschenck@normanbirdsanctuary.org or 401-846-2577 Ext 15

Assistant Camp Director, Mark Pagliarini, at mpagliarini@normanbirdsanctuary.org or 401-846-2577 Ext 34




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