Coastal Camps @ Third Beach


Session 2: June 26-30      Session 3: July 3-7             
Session 4: July 10-1          Session 5: July 17-21
Session 6: July 24-28        Session 7: July 31-Aug 3
Session 8: August 7-11

Monday-Friday 9:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M.

$265 per session for members & $290 per session for non members (cost includes one NBS summer camp t-shirt)

NOTE: Family membership must be valid through August of 2017 in order to receive the member discount please call 401-846-2577 if you have a questions about membership. 

In this popular program, campers have the opportunity to explore tide pools, catch fish and conduct experiments at our newly furbished Third Beach Education Center. Our Coastal Camp is now offered for three different age groups in six one week sessions. Space is limited so sign up quickly! Drop off and pick up will be at the Third Beach Education Center.

Session 2: Creatures of the Coast (Entering Grades 2-3): Jump in and get your feet wet! Campers will explore Third Beach’s sand dunes, tide pools, salt marshes and shoreline during this week-long adventure. Only 2 spaces left in session 2!

Session 3: From Land to Sea (Entering Grades 4-6): Have you ever wondered how you can help the oceans? This week we will learn about ocean conservation, and what we can do to help. Traditional camp activities such as experiments, crafts, exploration and games will all be part of the fun! Only 3 spaces left in session 3!

Session 4: Fish Frenzy (Entering Grades 2-3): This week is all about scales and tails as we dive into the wild world of fish. We will use nets and other tools to sample the waters in search of local fish and learn more about their lives. Traditional camp activities such as games, songs, and crafts are also included. Session 4 is full!

Session 5: Life on the Edge: (Entering Grades 4-6): This week we will explore the various ecosystems found near the beach. The dunes and marshes found around the Third Beach Center are excellent places to look for shy and secretive animals. Only 1 space left in session 5!

Session 6: Going with the Flow: (Entering Grades 4-6): Have you ever wondered where water comes from and where it is going? This exciting week we will learn water and watersheds through games, experiments, crafts, hikes and more! Session 6 is full!

Session 7: Ponds, Pools, and Pelagics (Entering Grades 7-8): In this exciting week of camp we will focus our attention on animals that live in the different aquatic habitats around NBS. We will gather samples from multiple locations to create an image that represents species diversity at NBS. Only 3 spaces left in session 7!

Session 8: Shells & Exoskeletons: In this week of camp we will learn about how marine invertebrates protect themselves from predators and the elements. Daily beach exploration and trips to crab town are all part of the fun. Only 2 spaces left in session 8!


Camp Registration (Registration opens Wednesday February 1st)

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Camp Director, Matt Schenck, at or 401-846-2577 Ext 15

Assistant Camp Director, Mark Pagliarini, at mpagliarini 401-846-2577 Ext 34

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