Harvest Fair

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This year the sun decided to grace us with her presence and the result was an amazing turnout and event for the ages! We’re already taking notes and planning for next year, see you in 2015!

Next year’s Fair will be Saturday & Sunday, October 3rd & 4th, 2015.


Winners in the Home & Garden Competition

Food Section


Best Apple Pie

1st Place: Ann Marie Scartabello, Wakefield

2nd Place: Joe DiMaria, Middletown

3rd Place: Toni McGregor, Newport


Best Pesto

1st Place: Karen Harrington, Middletown

2nd Place: Sharron Williams, Bristol


Best Salsa

1st Place: Sydney Bogosian, Middletown

2nd Place: Bridget McGregor, Newport

3rd Place: Craig Gaspard, Portsmouth


Best Savory Relish/Preserves

1st Place: Derek McGregor, Newport

2nd Place: Joe DiMaria. Middletown

3rd Place: Laura Coggeshall, Newport


Best Jam/Jelly

Tied 1st Place: Claire Shaffell, Newport / Joe DiMaria, Middletown

2nd Place: Craig Gaspard, Portsmouth

3rd Place: Teresa Rosa, Newport


Best Quick Bread/Muffins

1st Place: Mary Ellen Sullivan, Portsmouth

2nd Place: Kathleen Brown, Middletown

3rd Place: Karin Harrington, Middletown


Young Chef

1st Place: Katie Hellendrung, Middletown

2nd Place: Emma Bryan, Middletown

3rd Place: Patrick Bryan, Middletown


Produce Section


Best Fruit

1st Place: Ann Randall, Middletown

2nd Place: Sydney Bogosian, Middletown


Best Single Vegetable

1st Place: Liz Drayton, Middletown


Best Collection

1st Place: Liz & Emlen Drayton, Middletown

2nd Place: Pat Frizzell, Middletown


Biggest Pumpkin

Tied 1st Place: Norah Pasquale, Middletown / John Keenan, Portsmouth


Most Unusual Vegetable/Edible Plant

1st Place: Cathy Van Hof, Portsmouth

2nd Place: Emlen Drayton, Middletown

3rd Place: Sydney Bogosian, Middletown





Best Single Rose

1st place: Ann Randall, Middletown

2nd Place: Thomas Stepp, Newport


Best Single Dahlia

Tied 1st place: Mary Ester Corbin, Hope Valley / Rebecca Miller, Newport

Tied 2nd Place: Pat Frizzell, Middletown / Rebecca Miller, Newport

3rd Place: John Bagwill, Middletown


Best Fresh Arrangement

1st Place: Liz Drayton, Middletown

2nd Place: Kay Kosinski, Middletown

3rd place:  Thomas Stepp, Middletown


Best Dried Arrangement

1st Place: Lori Sullivan, Middletown

2nd Place: Liz Drayton, Middletown


Tallest Sunflower

Tied: 1st Place: Hope Downing, Middletown / Steven Downing, Middletown



Tied: 1st Place: Pat Chase, Portsmouth / Ann Randall  Middletown




1st place: Taylor, Talia, & Tyra Kutsaftis & Kristee Leee

2nd Place: Madeline & Norah Cohea

Tied 3rd Place: Savanna & Sierra Kelly / Jasmine Freif




Thank you to our amazing volunteers who every year make this event possible!

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Thanks for providing lunch to our volunteers!


Many Thanks to our 2014 Sponsors!


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